בוטראן גראן רסרבה ספיישל - רון -  75 שנה

בוטראן גראן רסרבה ספיישל - רון - 75 שנה

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ABV%: 50

This is a creation from the blend of Family Private Reserve rums, aged between 5 and 30 years in white American oak barrels that formerly aged American Whiskey; charred barrels, barrels that formerly aged old Sherries, barrels that kept Port wines, and barrels that formerly aged choice South American wines. Botran&Co “B” Blend of rums that have undergone a maceration process with spices such as cloves, cinnamon, and nutmeg, among others, and accomplish an outstanding combination of rum aromas and flavours blended with spices. Botran&Co “C” Blend of rums with different citrus fruits, which contribute their dual life and aroma and flavour richness to those of rum. Present are reminders of orange, tangerine, lime and Grapefruit.

A quality box containing a 50cl bottle, a pipette and two additional sample bottles filled with citrus and spicy variations of the rum so you can go off and make comparisons of your own.



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